Available courses

This is a mini-course on painting. In this course we will complete three modules. We will first splash into some color theory, which will be the most dense topic we cover. After getting our feet wet with the color theory module, we will grapple with painting terminology and tools of the trade. Finally, we will put to practice what we have learned as we complete a couple of painting projects. You will be expected to upload images of your painted work in this final module.

In this course we will explore the principles and elements of design. In the first phase of our exploration, we will learn what the principles of design are. This will aid us in our understanding of how to translate these principles into design elements for painting. This knowledge helps even non-artists to understand and critique various artforms, especially that of imagery. We will demonstrate our understanding of the principles and design elements as we apply them in our painting(s). 

Course Journey

  • Understand what anxiety is and how to recognize it
  • Introduction of coping strategies
  • Practice
  • Review & Evaluation
  • Feedback